Annual meeting of traditional ships in Nakskov (Denmark)

The annual Whitsunday meeting of vessels, sailing under the flag of TS Traeskibs Sammenslutningen, on the occasion of the 750th birthday of Nakskov, will take place on May 13-15th May 2016. 60-100 participating ships are expected. The Danes have one of the best preserved traditional fleets of ships in service (
The small port town at the end of Nakskov Fjords received 1266 municipal rights. It developed because rich herring occurrence and was an important shipyard location in the 20th century . By 1987, more than 200 ships were built in Nakskov, including the Danish training ship „DANMARK“. Today, Nakskov is (with more than 12,000 inhabitants) the largest city in the municipality of Lolland.
Since 2016 Rostock and Lolland cooperate in implementing the Haikutter Regatta from Nysted to Rostock. The small historic harbour tug „NAKSKOV HAVN I“ regularly joins Hanse Sail. Nakskov can be reached from Germany via Scandlines ferry Puttgarden – Rodby or Rostock – Gedser.

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