Karlskrona – SWEDEN

The archipelago town

Karlskrona is the capital of the county Blekinge situated on 33 islands, with a maritime history, and many forms of naval activity. The fascinating atmosphere has also impressed UNESCO and added the city to the World Heritage list. Visit the annual sailing festival in August, a festivity that will hold the interest of an entire family with old and new maritime culture, food and drink from the region, children’s activities, sailing boats and other vessels lined along the harbour. Discover Sweden’s southernmost archipelago with a string of 1650 islands and skerries, just waiting to be discovered by boat, ferry or car. Trip around on the archipelago tour boats and investigate exciting places together. See Drottningskär’s citadel and Kungsholm’s fortress with its circular harbour. The Great Square, one of northern Europe’s largest, has the Fredrik Church and the Church of the Holy Trinity. Karlskrona has something to offer throughout the year. Welcome and enjoy!

Discover more of the cultural and maritime treasures at the Swedish Naval Museum.

Visit Karlskrona Archipelago Festival

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