New funding-application online

Baltic Sail Association established this kind of funding last year and is very happy to proceed with this in order to invite more ships to all participating harbours.
Owners of traditional ships or sail training vessels can apply for financial support for their vessels or cruises of their vessels, if the journey directly connects at least two of the Baltic Sail harbours.

The Baltic Sail Committee will especially award cruises, dedicated to support the following ideas on board of traditional vessels:
• sail training
• social training for youngsters or elderly people
• handicapped persons
• socially disadvantaged people
• supporting ethnical minorities
• strengthening co-operation of people of different nationalities of the Baltic Sea Region
• maritime heritage or cultural expeditions
• promoting sustainable use of environmental friendly energy
• sports competitions
… or any other ideas you present

Please, feel free to use this pdf-form.

There is no deadline for the application. It can be submitted throughout the year to:
Baltic Sail Committee
c/o Bureau Hanse Sail
Warnowufer 65
18057 Rostock
phone: +49 (381) 381 2950

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