Sailboats Returning With The „Baltic Sail Flag“

After declaring Klaipėda the Port of White Sails in 2015, the city is again preparing to welcome the big sailboats. The sailboats are returning to the Sea Festival under the Baltic Sail flag.
“We are incredibly happy that Klaipėda is slowly becoming a cosy home for sailboats, a hospitable and attractive port welcoming ships all year long. I believe that all of our collective work is a successful step towards strengthening Klaipėda‘s image as a marine city and preparing for the 2017 regatta”, says R. Žiubrys.
During the Sea Festival citizens and city guests will be able to see, visit and sail on Lithuania‘s, Poland‘s, the Netherlands‘ and Spain‘s sailboats. According to the organisers, the undoubtedly most spectacular sailboat out of those arriving is “Nao Victoria” which is the exact replica of the Ferdinand Magellan fleet’s sailboat which was the only ship that managed to return from the very first expedition around the world and that proved that the Earth is round.

Welcome to 2016!

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