Successful Partner Autumn Meeting in Turku
Aura River

During the Baltic Sail Autumn Meeting 2019 in Turku, Finland, on Monday, 16th of September 2019, many important facts have been discussed and figured out.

Meeting for the first time in Turku, it was the possibility to get to know the first Finnish member city who joined the Baltic Sail Association in January.
Besides the administrative tasks, the Baltic Sail events of the year 2019 have been reviewed and the potential new member city Tallinn presented the Tallinn Maritime Days. Another focus point was a discussion about the future orientation of the Baltic Sail Association and in which fields the work should be concentrated.

The Baltic Sail Association exists for 23 years now and combines efforts to highlight Baltic maritime traditions. By today the association is having eight member cities and is open minded for new partner cities or other interested bodies.

Main goal of the Baltic Sea Association with the seaport cities – Rostock, Szczecin, Gdansk, Riga, Klaipéda, Nysted, Karlskrona and Turku – is to preserve traditional vessels, masterpieces of European cultural maritime heritage, representing maritime traditions, in operation for future generations and as a trade mark of the Baltic Sea Region.

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