Tall Ships decorate jubilee Sea Festival
Santa Barbara Anna and ARC Gloria at Sea Festival

Sailing ships from four countries were visiting Klaipeda during the Sea Festival this year. The most impressive and largest sailing ship „ARC Gloria“ from Colombia, sail training vessel of the country’s navy, sailed for the first time to the Baltic Sea. The breathtaking entry through the port gates forced many to shed a tear of admiration. Standing at a stunning height on the ship‘s yards the crew sang Columbian songs.

Three tall ships from Poland – „Bonawentura“, „Bryza H“ and „Antica“, „Santa Barbara Anna“ from Germany and others sailed to attend the festival.

Eight cities on the Baltic coast – Klaipeda, Karlskrona, Rostock, Riga, Gdansk, Szczecin, Nysted and Turku – have been implementing the Baltic Sail project. By promoting traditional sailing as part of Europe’s maritime cultural heritage, cities encourage and invite owners of traditional sailing ships and ancient ships to sail on a trip around the Baltic Sea and to visit Baltic Sail project‘ partners maritime festivals.


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