Sea Festival Klaipéda – 27. – 29. July 2018
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THE SEA FESTIVAL / 27-29 July 2018

The Sea Festival has been a synonym of top-class events, festive mood, and, of course, holidays and vacation. The biggest summer fiesta in Lithuania is the venue for meeting friends, discoveries, and inspirations. On 27-29 July 2018, the Klaipėda Sea Festival will attract thousands of people who are not indifferent to the sea and marine traditions for the 59th time now. This year, the Sea Festival will surprise with unexpectedly altered spaces of the Old Town and their interpretations. The cosy Old Town welcomes you to: CINEMA SQUARE, SQUARE OF TASTES, TOURISM ZONE, SHOW OF DANCING FOUNTAINS, PLATFORM OF THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE, and, of course, the amazingly transformed MAGIC THEATRE SQUARE. This year, tall sailboats, flying the flag of BALTIC SAIL, are returning to Klaipėda during the Sea Festival.

The Sea Festival is a big explosion of creative energy, which happens in Klaipeda in July of each year. It is a certain peak of the summer, after which everything gradually calms down, slows down, moves towards autumn… The Sea Festival shakes the city up, lures people out of their homes, out of everyday routine to break them free of all restraints, so that they may enjoy and release their dreams into the sky.

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