Baltic Sail Association supports several sail training activities!
starting left: Wolfgang Bischoff (Hanse Sail Verein), Katharina Bondar (Hanse Sail Verein), Finn Hermansen (Haikutter Festival Nysted), Helle Levisen (Haikutter Festival Nysted), Violeta Uleviciene (Sea Festival Klaipeda), Rita Berkholz (Hanse Sail Büro), Andrzej Radomski (Sail Gdansk), (photo: Holger Bellgardt)

On March, 17th 2016 the Baltic Sail Association met in Rostock (Germany). The cooperation of maritime festivals in the Baltic Sea region has existed since 20 years and nowadays comprises 6 partner cities and 3 maritime museums in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania. Joint marketing activities and attracting traditional ships to the respective city and harbour festivals are the main aims. From the common budget Baltic Sail supports projects that promote international understanding and social engagement on board of traditional ships. Ships and projects that connect at least two Baltic Sail harbours can apply for funding.

This year, funds support the ship SANTA BARBARA ANNA from Rostock. It travels to the Sail Gdansk (Poland) and Hanse Sail Rostock. Also the sail training ship ROALD AMUNDSEN receives funding for calling port at three Baltic Sail festivals. The ship will visit Sea Festival Klaipeda (Lithuania), Archipelago Festival Karlskrona (Sweden) and Hanse Sail Rostock. On board of the ships people will experience cross-generational and transnational sail training.
In 2016 the 20th jubilee of Baltic Sail Cooperation will be celebrated at the 20th Sail Gdansk in Poland. With an international conference about building and operating replicas of traditional ships and the festive signing of the new Baltic Sail agreements, the foundation for a succesfull future cooperation will be made.
The Baltic Sail Nations Cup, a match race between member cities will be organized at the Sail Gdansk as well. After a series of wins for Rostock’s team, the Lithuanian team from Klaipeda won the challenge cup in 2015.

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